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Vestax Samurai aftermarket ROMs - check video below for details!

email me at if you want one of the custom roms!

SC1000 New Firmware version 1.3 - check video below for details!

Click here to download latest SC1000 firmware version 1.3!

Click here for a connection diagram explaining how to add internal cue points! (You'll need a MCP23017 GPIO breakout board, try ebay)

Welcome to the scratch technology wiki

A (perhaps ill-advised) attempt to get the burgeoning scratch mod community to pool information and resources in a common place.

Please feel free to add as much information as you can - even if you can't be bothered formatting it properly. I'm more concerned with quantity than quality at this point :)

Pages that exist so far

  • Community projects - A list of turntablist-oriented electronics projects
  • Crossfader circuit - a guide to crossfader audio circuitry
  • Faders - summary of fader technologies, from a mechanical and electronic standpoint
  • Nanofader - description of a very simple and cheap scratch mixer circuit
  • Numark PT-01 - reverse engineering of the popular Numark portable turntable
  • Technics Mods - Modifications that can be done to the Technics SL-1200 and 1210
  • Mixer Mods - Modifications that can be done to mixers such as the Vestax PMCPro series and the Stanton SA series
  • PMC Pro - A still incomplete guide to the Vestax PMC Pro range of mixers, going into far too much technical detail