Samurai Fader

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Facts known -

  • Ridiculously over-engineered - the fader itself connects to a separate board, which in turn generates an equivalent VCA signal for the mixer (pretends to be the crossfader)
  • The Samurai fader is manufactured by amiteq - -
  • Also says "MURAMIQ" on it - which is a joint venture with MURATA MACHINERY, LTD, which operates under trade name MURATEC
  • They specialise in inductive sensors - this appears to be the technology used -
  • seem to consist of four inductors in a row

The separate board

  • Called VF1186
  • Has a module (SAM09V) on it manufactured by MURATEC
  • Also has a (presumably) microcontroller with a version sticker on it (VF1186-1 / V1.0 / V1CS)

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