Used Turntable Guide

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Technics SL-1200

The obvious choice. Breakfast of champions.

  • Turntable Availability : Used only
  • Part Availability : Very good - Panasonic either still make parts or have a huge stockpile of them somewhere. Some variant-specific parts aren't available - but they can usually be substituted with equivalent parts from the SL-1200MK2, if you can live with (for example) your tonearm paint being the wrong colour.
  • Typical used price : £250-£400 for a MK2, £300-£450 for a M3D/MK5, £450+ for the MK5G, silly money for the rare ones (MK4, LTD, etc etc).

Vestax PDX range

Cheeky upstart.

  • Turntable Availability : Discontinued
  • Part Availability : Poor - some places still have stocks of parts but they're dwindling fast
  • Typical used price : £250-£400

Hanpin OEMs

Like love, SuperOEMs come in all flavours.

Yahorng OEMs

Yahorng are to Hanpin what Vestax was to Technics.

Numark TTX

  • Turntable Availability : Discontinued
  • Part Availability :
  • Typical used price : £250-£400