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A (so far incomplete) list of mods that can be done to a technics :

Worthwhile Mods

  • Ground Wire Mod - Eliminate the need for a ground wire
  • Straight Arm Mod - Replace the overhung offset arm with an underhung straight arm design to improve skip resistance
  • Pitch Range Mods - a variety of different ways to alter the range of the pitch fader
  • LED replacement - replace the target lamp with a long-life LED, or any of the other LEDs with alternative colours
  • Pitch Detent Removal - remove the "click" at the 0% mark of the pitch fader

Bullshit Mods

These are mods that either don't work as desired, or are "placebo" mods that do nothing whatsoever

  • Torque Mod - Increases the torque of the motor but makes the pitch very unstable
  • Power supply upgrades - Audiophile bullshit, doesn't make a blind bit of difference to the sound
  • OFC tonearm wiring - More audiophoolery, all copper is 99.99% oxygen free anyway...
  • Under-platter Lighting - Just fuck off