SC1000 Firmware Update

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Firmware install instructions

Latest version is v1.6

To upgrade your SC500 or SC1000 firmware:

  • Download THIS FILE, and unzip it to the root of a USB stick.
  • Put the usb stick in your SC, making sure it's plugged into speakers or headphones
  • Press and hold one of the BEAT VOL (SC500) or BEAT SELECT (SC1000) buttons
  • Keep buttons held while you connect power to your SC and (for the SC1000) turn it on.
  • After 20 seconds or so, you should hear a message explaining that your SC1000 has been updated.
  • Turn your SC1000 off and on again

You should now be running the latest version of the firmware.

How to check what version you are running

  • Turn your SC off
  • Turn your beats volume up, samples volume down
  • Press and hold one of the SAMPLE VOL (SC500) or SAMPLE SELECT (SC1000) buttons
  • Turn your SC back on, keeping the button held
  • You will eventually hear a message telling you your operating system version.

MIDI stuff

You can now connect USB MIDI devices to the SC1000. You'll need a USB hub to be able to connect both your USB stick and USB MIDI device at the same time.

You should be able to use any class-compliant MIDI device.

The default MIDI mapping is :

SC1000 MIDI chart.png

You can define your own MIDI mapping by editing scsettings.txt.


I've made a preset for the MIDI app Lemur, which runs on Android and iOS phones and tablets.

It uses the default MIDI mapping above, so you should use it without adding mappings to the scsettings.txt file.

The Android version can be connected to the SC1000 with a normal USB cable, but I believe the iOS version will need an adapter like the iConnectMIDI2+.

Steps to get this to work :

  • Install the Lemur app on your device
  • Install the Lemur editor on your computer (PC or Mac)
  • Download the SC1000 Lemur preset on your computer.
  • Connect your phone to your computer and download the preset to your device using the Lemur Editor (see advice below).
  • Set Lemur to use the appropriate MIDI port.
  • Connect your mobile device to the SC1000, and turn it on.
  • For android devices, you'll have to switch your device to MIDI mode :
    • Wait till you get a notification on your phone about "Charging this phone via USB" and change it to "MIDI via USB". You have to do this within 5 seconds of the SC1000 audio starting, but you can give yourself more time by editing the "mididelay" option in the scsettings.txt file

I found transferring the preset from my computer to my phone to be a massive pain in the arse, and the Lemur staff less than helpful. You're supposed to connect them both to the same network and then the Editor automatically detects the phone, but I found I had to connect my phone to my computer via USB and enable USB tethering before it would connect, and even then I had to fiddle with the IP settings in the editor.